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Understanding Children’s Moods and Behaviors: A Neurobiological Perspective

Wednesday, November 5, 12 p.m. MST
Lisa Dion, MA ’03, presenting:
"Understanding Children’s Moods and Behaviors: A Neurobiological Perspective”


With new information on the brain and neurobiology, we are beginning to understand that working with children and understanding children takes a lot more than behavior management. Most parenting information and still many therapeutic interventions for children revolve around managing symptoms and behaviors. This talk is designed to introduce participants to a new way of looking at children's moods and behaviors.

With a deeper understanding of what is going on inside the child's brain and how that might give rise to their moods and actions, adults working with children have new possibilities about how to work with children in such a way that helps re-pattern a child's nervous system and heal at profound levels. This talk is will open eyes and offer cutting edge information about what really is going on when a child is displaying signs of anxiety, depression, aggression, shutting down emotionally, hitting, etc. Participants will have many "a-ha" moments as they learn: how the brain takes in and processes information from its environment; how the autonomic nervous system (fight, fight, freeze, fall asleep response) is activated; how to recognize different states of dysregulation in a child and in yourself; how dysregulation affects moods and behaviors.

Speaker Bio:

Lisa is an international teacher, clinical supervisor and entrepreneur. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Play Therapy Supervisor and Clinical Supervisor for multiple agencies and is at the cutting edge of her field creating new and innovative models of therapy with children and adults.

She is the founder and Director of the Play Therapy Institute of Colorado and co-founder of the Quantum Loving Institute. She is also a Certified Gestalt Therapist, Parent Educator, Level II EMDR Practitioner and Certified Facilitator of the Demartini Method™. In her private practice, she works with clients of all ages from around the world on a full spectrum of issues. In addition to her clinical work, she has also launched multiple for-profit and non-profit businesses and is a business consultant to various organizations worldwide. Her international teaching and consulting is currently sought after by organizations in Russia, South America, and South Africa.

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