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Sustainable Economics for the 21st Century

Sponsored by the Conscious Evolution Teleseminar Group, this Sustainable Economics teleseminar is FREE OF CHARGE. Participant limit: 200
Each of the five Sustainable Economics teleseminars will be 90 minutes with an optional added 30 minutes for Q and A. Join us on Sunday on these dates of year 2012:

August 5 Economics and Conscious Evolution

September 2 The Wealth Divide

October 7 Sharing the Commons

November 4 Economics of War and Peace

December 2 Commons Based Economics Local to Global

(Upon receipt of your registration you will receive content details for all five sessions.)

Time: 1:00pm US West Coast / 4:00pm US East Coast/ 9:00 PM London and Lagos

To find the time in other time zones go to the World Clock:

This conference is no longer accepting registrations

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