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The live call is directed to public officials of various Counties and Cities who are interested in strategies to help their communities combat the foreclosure crisis. We community leaders and organizers must learn this set of information for those facing foreclosure or at risk of falling behind on their mortgage payments. When many common people connect to understand sound strategies towards real solutions, then we the people can be effective partners with those in office who have the political will to enact and enforce real change. We encourage all citizens to "urgently invite" their own County officials to attend the call, especially in these departments: Public Recorder or Assessor, County District Attorneys', and County Board of Supervisors.

If you are a County or any public official, these gentlemen speak your language and know the competing pressures of holding office in the face of locally debilitating foreclosures. John OBrien and Kevin Harvey have a 30-year working partnership as public officials in the Registrar of Deeds office of Southern Essex Couinty, Salem, MA. They and their staff have enacted a "DE FACTO FORECLOSURE MORATORIUM" by refusing to further accept and record documents which appear to be suspect of irregularity or raises a reasonable doubt as to authenticity and lawful process in foreclosure. They will present their background and experience citing an independent 2011 forensic audit of documents filed in their Registry; and outline the strategies employed in their County office in which they have spearheaded protective measures in defense of lawful process on behalf if their residents. This stay of execution then buys time for an in-depth audit and review of each case before foreclosure can proceed. If a court or judge reviews the case there is time to present findings of fact before another "fraud-closure" can occur. County officials are called to enact a wall of defense and insist on due process on behalf of the citizenry to this end. This is a critical step in a non-judicial foreclosure states such as CA and MA, in which court oversight is not normally part of the recording of documents used to transfer the property.

In many Bay Area Counties today the very fabric of healthy communities are at stake: our homes and neighborhoods are under attack. Unlawful foreclosure is the most egregious of the fallouts from the global financial crisis. These properties are primarily the ONLY HOMES of the households in our communities. To be stripped of them unlawfully is unacceptable, dispossessing a family of necessary shelter with it's trail of destructive havoc. Ordinary citizens already stuck with the tax bill of big bank bailouts should not be run out of our homes and into the streets to boot. ESPECIALLY if these are unlawful foreclosure processes that wouldn't stand the scrutiny of a judge or court. Fraud-closure also illegally strips the wealth from many small income-property owners who would then themselves be at risk of losing their own residences and livelihoods.

After a 30 minute presentation there will Q & A in which one person has the floor at a time. We encourage you to write in your questions now in the form below, so we can consolidate similar concerns and address as many angles with O'Brien and Harvey as possible.

Background and ongoing community events and planning meetings found by visiting or Justice University on Facebook or by email " Phone 510-545-9881.

This call will be recorded - registrants will receive a link by email to review and email to your public officials and network. Also, registration for Nov. 15th follow-up call is now OPEN! Register for County Recorders' Case Against Fraud - and urgently invite your County officials for that one!

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