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The Responsible Entrepreneur Series- Free Intro Teleseminar

There are 18 questions that game changing entrepreneurs must be repeatedly answering. We will look at the overview of these and focus in on one of them that will help ground you in bigger questions. This is an introduction to The Responsible Entrepreneur Institute and the programs and opportunities it will be offering.

This is very powerful proprietary material and my existing clients insist that I continue to keep it protected since they consider it their PRIMARY competitive advantage. It is for TREI enrolled owners of businesses or intrepreneurs who use their role in an existing business. The material is for the exclusive use inside your organization and not to be shared or used outside the organization or another business you may start that is not consulting. It is not for consultants since you will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement for non-use of the material and agree to not make any other use under penalty of lawsuit.

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