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The Architecture of our Interior Lives

Tuesday, August 19, 12 p.m. MST
Anne McCauley, MA ’07, presenting:
“The Architecture of our Interior Lives: Accessing Unconscious Material Through Exploring Home”


The field of Psychology has long heralded specific means of accessing the unconscious and uncovering “stuck” places in order to allow us to live more conscious and full lives. These means include: dreams, free association, authentic movement, Freudian slips, art, Rorschach tests, active imagination, etc. Little attention, however, has been given to our relationship to the spaces we live in and move through. Our homes are another powerful manifestation of our unconscious lives and offer a tangible expression of our histories, projections, hopes, and conflicts. In this 45-minute webinar, we will explore how unconscious patterns show up in your home—in the way you use it, share it, maintain it, and decorate it. Several examples of client work will be discussed, including the “Bedroom of Broken Dreams.”

Participants will leave this webinar with the following:
(1) a heightened awareness of how working with the home is another way of accessing unconscious material and stuck places
(2) questions to ask yourself or your client to explore the deeper meaning of home and
(3) strategies to implement at home to bring more awareness to the connection of self and home.

Speaker Bio:

Anne McCauley, LMHC, OTR/L, (Somatic Counseling Psychology, 2007) is a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist whose practice helps people deepen their relationship to themselves through exploring their relationship to home. She is Founder of Heart Your Home Love Your Life (, which offers web, phone, and in-person home consultations to people all over the country. She also directs the School Based Counseling Program at the Boston Institute for Psychotherapy, a non-profit psychodynamic training and clinical site.

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