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Getting to Know the Roadmap of Being a Performing Artist

Monday, September 22, 12 p.m. MST
Seth Lepore, BA '97, presenting:
"Getting to Know the Roadmap of Being a Performing Artist"


Being a performing artist ain’t easy, not by a long shot. As a recent PhD. candidate recently said about Seth’s business crash course for performing artists: “I learned more about creating a sustainable artistic business during Seth’s seven-hour workshop than I did during six years of graduate study.”

In one hour students will get an overview of what it takes to juggle the life of an independent performer. From breaking down what branding is really about to understanding how to network in different marketplaces, Seth takes the BS out of the business language and shows how the skills of being a present performer transfers over to the administrative side.

Sure, we’ll discuss the difference between marketing and PR as well as the different models for making money through various touring circuits, but really it all comes back to one thing. You’ll find out what that is but if you find out now then there won’t be any suspense.

Speaker Bio:

Since 1996 Seth Lepore has created seven one-man shows. His work as a humorist and writer transforms from page to stage as an interdisciplinary mix of theater, movement and music that rides the line of earnest sincerity and mischievous irony. Seth teaches and consults other performing artists on the best practices to make their businesses sustainable in a wobbly and erratic marketplace.

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