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Blazing a bold trail in the fight against unlawful foreclosure are those elected officials who've taken seriously their oath of office. Amongst the few but growing number of these who believe in integrity while in public service, are Salem, Massachusetts County Registar of Deeds John OBrien and his close assistant Kevin Harvey. Public officials especially our nation's County-level Recorders, Clerks, Assessors and Registrars urgently invited to listen in.

We'll hear a live presentation for about 40 minutes - and by the end of it we'll understand "DeFacto Foreclosure Moratorium" and why each County in America needs this sooner rather than later. Followed by Q & A and comments. To save time please re-ask your questions to these two County Registrars below. And visit some of the links in the body of this description to prepare yourselves thank you.

We are in unprecedented times of foreclosure - most of it unlawful in one way or another. How big is the problem? In Alameda County alone there are over 4,300 sales pending on homes between now and February 2013. Increase that number three-fold (very conservative) to estimate how many active foreclosures are on the books but have no sale date scheduled on official record yet. That's 12,000 + potential foreclosures in ONE County in the next few months. And this doesn't include Underwater Value mortgages putting households at high risk of falling behind, straining our community's financial well-being, so double that number to 24,000 troubled household minimum in Alameda County alone! Evidence from recent audits in at least three Counties in the country suggest that over 80% of these are highly likely to contain documentation problems that challenges the lawful claim of the foreclosing party. We say NO to fraud-closure: keep people in their homes until we unravel what really happened.

See SF County 2012 Audit of Assessor's Public Records: Full Report: and article

The first line of defense a County CAN do even without a formal lawsuit filed is REFUSE TO FILE DOCUMENTS EVIDENCING FRAUD AT THE COUNTY RECORDERS OFFICE - resulting in a De Facto Moratorium on Foreclosures while moving forward with a HOMEOWNER-POWERED AUDIT of public records pertaining to lawful process of foreclosure.

Two main goals of this call are 1) to hear from County officials who insist on lawful process and integrity of documents and compliance in several aspects of property transfer process under their watch in their Registry; and 2) we on the call are invited to connect with one another and speak to how we can optimize the alliance between ourselves as homeowners and concerned citizenry partnering effectively with our own County Elected and Appointed Officials especially in the Recorders office. This is so whether your State is a judicial or non-judicial foreclosure State, because document scrutiny and lawful process calls for the auspices of the Office of the Recorder / Regisrar.

Go to and be inspired and on fire. See OBrien Registry sample affidavit used in rejection of suspect docs to require validation by bank manager or supervisor. Also on Salem Deeds site learn about filing OCC complaint ASAP if your home is in active foreclosure.

On future calls we look forward to hearing from:

*Nancy Becker, Montgomery County, PA Recorder has recently filed Quiet Title Action against MERSCORP et al for unpaid recording fees and to hit home on the issue of fraudulent assignment processes that not only rob County revenues but rob constituents of their homes by forgery and allegedly unlawful means.

John OBrien speaking plain (we listened to this on the first call)

LANDMARK LAWSUIT December 2011 by Attorney General of Massachusetts - Hear the demands made of biggest banks, MERS. Coakley is the model AG for the country on this issue. (video press release)

Jeff Thigpen and NC community organization

Write in questions for our presenters or host, below. You will have the opportunity to signal you have a comment or question during the call but we will do our best to address questions sent in beforehand here. For more information see (Homeowners for Justice) and and on Facebook Register on FB and invite others:

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