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Overcoming Writing Blocks and Procrastination

Tuesday, June 24, 12 p.m. MST
David Rasch, MA ’78, presenting:
“Overcoming Writing Blocks and Procrastination”


Difficulties with consistently producing the written word are common for writers of all stripes and levels of accomplishment. In addition, these problems often prove to be vexing and baffling to address. This webinar will examine several common experienced writing productivity problems and present a number of strategies for addressing them. Because writing blocks vary widely in how they function and are expressed, one focus of the webinar will be to provide tools to specifically identify one's particular challenges. We will then explore a variety of methods of skillfully working with the behavioral, social, cognitive and emotional dynamics that may be involved.

Speaker Bio:

David Rasch is a 1978 graduate from Naropa’s Buddhist and Western Psychology MA program, and a psychologist with over 20 years of experience working with writers who struggle with blocks, procrastination, and other writing productivity problems. He has worked as a therapist, workshop leader, writing consultant, and Director at Stanford University’s Faculty Staff Help Center; and currently serves as the Stanford University Ombuds. Dr. Rasch has given presentations about his work with faculty authors at state and national conferences and has spoken to numerous student and staff groups at Stanford and other universities nationwide. He also consults and offers classes and workshops on productivity attended by writers of poetry, fiction, journalism, academic research, nonfiction, business and technical writing, Web writing, and personal writing.

In addition to his 2011 self-help volume, The Blocked Writer’s Book of the Dead, Dr. Rasch’s writing includes a chapter in the edited volume Process and Organizational Redesign, and several magazine and newsletter articles. He was the 2010 President of the Central Coast Writers Branch of the California Writers Club and was recipient of their Centennial Short Story Award in 2009. In 2013 Dr. Rasch co-authored an article addressing writing productivity improvement for lawyers that was published in the New Mexico Law Review

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